Frequently Asked Questions
» How can i sing up this site?

Frist open your Browser   Then Type  go this site  Click Register      type your name and email     and click register  now go you email address  and open mail click activition link  now login and earnmoney free.


                                                                                                            Video Link

» Where is my referral link

Click  Banner  option  and get  Your referral link

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» How Can I Withdraw My Money.

Click withdraw  Select Payment  Prossore  Payza or Perfetch Money


                           Video link


NB: Payza Withdraw Fee 5%   PM withdraw Fee 3%

» How Can I Withdraw My Money By Bkash?

When your  account balance  2$ or  More you send your Bkash number   support  and type how withdraw amount  admin payment complete.


                                                                                             Video Link


NB:  Bkash Withdrow Fee 8%   and  1$= 80 tk

» How Can I Contract Admin

 Pls Click Contract Us  And type your Problem


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» How Upgrade My Membership

Login Your Account and Click Extend Membership  and you choose your package.


                                  Video Link

» How Invast or Buy Share

Frist add money your Balance  min 5$   then click bdshare  buy adpack. Earn More

                                  Video link


NB: Per Share Complete 60Days  Per Share daily Earn 2%  60*2%=120%  Back 60Days

» How Can I My Advertise BdRevShare

Frist you click advertise  and buy Credit  then click  Advertise panel  setup your ad. Some time wait approve your ad.


                                                               Video Link



NB:   See Advertise  Chart


Ad Show Time  1 Click Per Credit  User 1 Click Per Credit Advizer 1000 Credit Click
10 Sec 0.001 1 1000
15 Sec 0.003 2 500
30 Sec 0.01 5 200
60 Sec 0.02 10 100

» আমি কীভাবে বিকাশে ইনভেস্ট করব।

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